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The Peace charting at #28 on chart!

Thats right, their debut album has made quite the splash. Check it out here


Here is some great press about the bands self titled debut:
“that blend of counterculture ideology and small-town America is alive and well on this self-titled debut album by the Peace, who favor a hip-hop-drenched style of alternative pop/rock that sometimes ventures into folk-rock territory… The end result is an album that is contemplative, funny, intellectual, good-natured, and eccentric all at the same time” – All Music Guide

“If Gil Scott-Heron was Richie Havens but still kept his Heron-ness, you would have what The Peace is.”
– Midwest Record

“This new wave of hope in music is so powerful that it deserves the right to be called a movement. Sure enough, there actually is a Hip Folk, Inc that supports this whole new phenomenon. I feel that this whole new movement will not only affect the music world, but will also affect our culture as well. The Peace hold something special in their hands as they set out to make a positive difference in this world. Bobby Kendes and The Peace are innovating & pioneering their way right to the top, no doubt about it!” – Skope Magazine (5/5 Stars!)

“Think Jack Johnson and Jay-Z sitting down to lunch at Jason Mraz’ house and you’ll have the general idea. Bobby Kendes…blends a lifetime of musical influences into an intriguing musical stew on The Peace’s debut album” – Wildy’s World

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Teleseen’s “Fear of The Forest” charting at #5 most added to CMJ RPM!

Charting on 15 stations, Teleseen’s new album made it’s debut this week on the college electronica chart – taking the #5 most added spot. If you haven’t heard this album yet and you dig electronica you NEED to check it out! October 14, 2009   No Comments

K-Maxx’s production skills highlighted on


Legendary KPOO Ghetto Gumbo host K-Maxx’s new album reviewed on His productions skills are unmatched! His cd is hitting radio as we speak so call in and request the album!

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Teleseen’s new album “Fear of The Forest” reviewed on Electronic Beats!

Teleseen, a.k.a. Gabriel Cyr, who pitchfork called “An electronic MC Escher”, is one of the most original and talented arists I’ve had the pleasure to work for. His previous album “War” has been a mainstay on my iPod for late nite cerebral mood music and his new album builds upon that success. Electronic Beats, an influential European electronic zine, reviewed the album here


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Tim Miller’s new EP reviewed on Skope!

Our good friends new EP was just reviewed on Skope!The purity he conveys on tape is nothing short of spectacular. – Skope Magazine

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Bill Ortiz featured on NPR

Our friend (and Santana’s trumpet player) got a nice feature on NPR today!! Check it out here:

Bill’s first solo album was also reviewed today on Muzikreviews!!! A good day!
“”an album that is a reflection of our world today culturally and musically.” –

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